Commercial Solar System

Commercial Solar System

In the 21st century, India has revolutionized the use of renewable energy sources to protect the environment around the world and Anany Urja has been instrumental in this revolution by keeping people in the right place. Having a solar plant on its own roof not only protects the environment but also benefits financially. Anany Urja makes your empty roof a solar roof. Earn from your passive roof space.

Arron Commercial

The lifespan of a solar rooftop system is 25 years with a panel warranty of 25 years and an inverter warranty of 8 years. The amount invested in the solar rooftop system recovers in 3-4 years. 1 kW solar system requires at least 80 square feet of space and a 1 kW system produces 1440 units of electricity annually.
The user can install a system of any capacity depending on the need for electricity and available space.

  • Site Survey
  • Registration and Approvals
  • Installation
  • Net-meter Installation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Tax Benefits

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