Good maintenance is vital, no matter what kind of maintenance we’re talking about. That’s why Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are so popular and so important.

AMC 570x270

Anany Urja have a technical staff who are ready to serve you best. AMC contract covers fault identification, fault repair and maintain project efficiency etc. We are able to sign AMC up to 10 years.

  • AMC for Residential Solar Rooftop Project
  • AMC for Industrial Solar Rooftop Project
  • AMC for Ground-mounted Solar Rooftop Project
  • AMC for Transmission Line
  • AMC for Transformers

Benefits of AMC

  • Save Money and Make Budgeting Easier
  • Focus on Other Things and Leave Maintenance to the Pros
  • Emergency Support When You Need It
  • Expert Technicians at Your Disposal
  • Get More Output of Your Project

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