Product Description


Technical Specifications of Collector :
Brand “EURO”
Overall size 2030 mm x 1030 mm x 95 mm.
No. of fins per collector 9
Absorber area Approx 2.06 sq. M
Absorber coating Selective coating on copper (black chrome on copper)
Absorptivity 0.92 – 0.96
Emissivity 0.10 – 0.15
Temperature tolerance of coating More than 200 deg. C
Absorber sheet (Copper) 0.12 mm thick x 1900mm L x 155mm W
Riser (Copper tube) O. D. 12.7mm x 0.5 mm thick x 1922 mm L
Bonding between riser Tube and absorber Ultrasonic welding
Bonding between riser Tube and header Copper brazing
Hydraulic Test pressure 5kg/
Rated pressure 2.5 Kg/ sq. cm.
End connections Brass flared Flanges of threaded 1″ BSP
Collector box Specially Extruded Aluminum sections
Box-back sheet joint Pop riveted
Back sheet Aluminum sheet 0.71 mm thick
Reflector Aluminum foil 0.02 / 0.05 mm thick
Glazing Toughened glass 4 mm thick-free From bubbles and scratches
Transmittance > 0.82
Sealing Silicone sealant
Back Insulation Resin bonded Rockwool 50 mm thick.
Side insulation Resin bonded Rockwool 25 mm thick
Grommets & gaskets EPDM rubber
Technical Specifications of Tank :
Capacity Equal to system capacity
Material SS 304 Non magnetic stainless steel or epoxy coated G.I.
Welding TIG welding (Argon inert gas welding) for SS304
Thickness Suitable for tank capacity
Insulation Glasswool sheets 100 mm thick
Cladding PP Powder-coated G.I. sheets / Aluminum Cladding
Back up Electrical coil of 2 KW (Optional)
Pressure rating 0.8 Kg/ sq. cm. for normal systems; 3.5 – 5 kg/sq. cm. for pressurized systems
Advantages of FPC:
Simple to construct and install.
Almost no maintenance and no running cost.
Save time and energy.
competitive with electric water heater.
Used for bathing, washing clothes and kitchen utensils.
Very short payback period.
Used for commercial purpose in hotels, hostels,
guest house, hospitals, industries, etc.
Monthly Saving on Electricity Bills :
Rating of the Electric
Daily Usage
5-Person 10-Person 15-Person
Monthly Electricity Bills (Rs.)*
2 KW 324.00 628.00 972.00
3 KW 486.00 972.00 1458.00
*Assuming Rs. 4.00 per KWH + Service tax and 30 days per month.

Project Details